Clubs, Groups and Organizations at Condit
Condit Youth Fellowship

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Wendy’s After Church
Fellowship over Lunch
Extend the morning fellowship by eating together in Wendy’s.  Each is responsible for ordering and paying for own food.

With early Sunday Church,
Condit beats the Methodists!
See you at 88 Miller Drive in Sunbury
Lunch Bunch
meets at 11:30 a.m.
on 4th Wednesday
at PJ’s

570 W. Cherry Street in Sunbury

Open to all people over 50
(Not just Condit Presbyterians)


Presbyterian Women
3rd Wednesdays, March thru June, September thru December

Next Meeting is 11:00 on Wednesday, September 19

Join Women from other Churches


at 11:00 Friday,
 August 10
meets 11 a.m. second Friday of

March, May, August and November