6 Blood Drives Scheduled for Condit in 2017

Unfortunately only 8% of the eligible donors give blood.  This means the Red Cross is getting less blood than is needed. 

As a response to New Beginnings, Condit Blood Drives began December 2014. 

Condit completed all 6 blood drives in 2016 and collected  127 pints of blood to save up to 381 lives.

Without pressuring the donors, we have distributed facts about Condit in the form of bookmarks, magnets, news articles, signs and postcards.

We treat our donors as guests in our home and look forward to seeing them in 2 months.  Condit has Greeters and Hostesses at each drive.  If you are willing to help for a couple of hours contact Polly Horn, Leader of this Mission, by email at
Condit has Scheduled
6 Blood Drives for 2017
 February 10, 2017
April 14, 2017
June 23, 2017
August 18, 2017
October 13, 2017
December 15, 2017
2014 One Drive = 23 pints,  69 lives
2015 Four Drives = 87 pints, 261 lives
2016 Six Drives = 127 pints,  381 lives,
2017 Four Drives – 82 Pints, 246 Lives
To Date14 Drives = 319 pints, 957 lives!
Next Blood Drive Scheduled for
1-6 p.m.   Friday,
October 13, 2017
Walk-Ins Are Welcome
Need 23 Donors To Net
20 Pints of Blood
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 You Can’t Give Blood, Want to Help

Condit serves light sandwiches, snacks. cookies and beverages to donors in the canteen.  Jane Lahmon is in charge of the canteen.  Contact her by email at


FIrst-Time Donor Grant Bartlett
at First Condit Blood Drive
December 2014
First Time Blood Donor, Ali Markley, at the
Condit Blood Drive on
February 12, 2015
First Time Donor Jim Lahmon
April 14, 2017