Music Department

 Music Director Adam Garner
       Special  music
for JAnuary

               Accompanist                        special music
January  14 – Sasha Neverov, pianist          Chancel Choir:  “Wade in the Water”
January 21 –  Sasha Neverov, pianist          Chancel Choir: “I have decided to follow
January 28 –  Sasha Neverov, pianist          Chancel Choir:  “Take my life that I may
February 4 –  Sasha Neverov, pianist          Chancel Choir:  “I’m so glad Jesus
                                                                                                      lifted me”
February 11 -Sasha Neverov, pianist           Chancel Choir:  “His eye is on the
Chancel Choir                Adult Bell Choi               
     7:30 p.m. Tuesdays                              6:30 p.m. Tuesdays                                                                      Beginning January 30

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WIndows8Luther &NellieLaneCarnes-a6

Luther Edward Carnes 1893-1975
a WWI veteran who married

Nellie Lucille Lane

daughter of George and Laura Bell Lane
They farmed in Porter and Trenton Township at Sunbury and Croton Roads.  See her parents window on Contact Us.