Hope You Saw Buzz in the Barn at Hartford Fair!


Condit crew, 2014aw8
Pictured above, standing left of the sign:                          Under the Sign                  Standing right of the sign:
Rachel       John               John        Cliff                   Pat           Pam                 Jennifer        Larry         Jane         Jim         Jane
Murphy     Zuercher         Whitney   Cook               Monroe     Sheets             Woodruff     Strouse    Lahmon   Lahmon   Markley

  kneeling in front :                                                                                                                 kneeling in front                                                         Georgann        Rachel         Bonnie                                                                        Teresa      Jayne             Ali

                  Whitney         Edwards      Caudill                                                                    Gorsuch   Strouse       Markley                  

The Condit team was there from 10-5 Thursday, August 7, 2014 to offer crafts, games, songs and fun  to children as a respite from hectic fair activities. 
Chat over the fence

Chat over the fence.


Which animal shall I make?.

Make it your way
Just make it your way.
Pick an apple

Pick an apple.

                                           Milk a cow.
Or be an adult and just play around with the animals!


Condit enjoyed The Fair.


         Hope you did, too!