General Maintenance and Spring Clean-Up List
Scheduled Work Day, May 9, 2015
Please initial what you plan to do on the lists posted on the Church Doors.
Work need not be done on May 9th but should be finished by Mother’s Day, May 10th
Overall & Outside:
o Clean, Power Wash, Sanitize Patio
o Check & Repair Storeroom (near stairwell basement door) for water damage
o Power Wash Manse
o Clean, Repair Manse Windows, Screens
o Check Manse Drainage, storm and sanitary
o Power Wash Siding, Outside church, including gutters
o Check Concrete Landing outside pastor’s doorway (hove walk)
o Re-set patio wall (not needed with creepers covering)
o Ball field Structures (straighten fencing)
o Bury southeast Downspout tile
o Fill in CR 605 Ditch (south of parking lot), installing tile?
o Replace Slates on Roof (where needed)
o Check Outside Lights (Mike Mucci)

Bell Tower & Attics:
o Clean Bell tower windows and storms of bee carcasses
o Check/Change Bell Tower Light bulbs
o Light Switch for Patio Lights NW corner of patio (NE corner church)
o Check Bell for Rust and Corrosion, possibly paint
o Check Bell Pull Rope & Assembly
o Re-organize, Clean Main Attic

N.B. Need paints, stains, brushes, tarps/covers, ladders, rollers/handles
o Stain/Paint Manse Porch(es)
o Paint, Organize Garage
o Paint, Replace Roof Shingles, Organize Concession Stand
o Power Wash, Scrape, Paint Kitchen Outside Stairwell Block Walls
o Power Wash, Scrape, Paint East (Patio) Church Block Wall
o Stain/Refinish Woodwork – Sanctuary
o Paint Walls, Woodwork in upstairs Hallways, Narthex, SS rooms
o Paint Inside Door to basement steps
o Water Seal front steps, walkway (check yearly)
o Paint Pastor Door
o Paint South Entry Door

Yard Work: (Bring Own Tools)
o Clean and Tidy Flower Beds
o Clean Peace Poles and Benches, Varnish?
o Trim Trees & Shrubs, esp. around patio
√ Rake Stones from lawn, pickup tree limbs and sticks
√ Rake and Level Parking Areas, re-spreading and adding Stone
o Check Equipment, Level and Add to Mulch in children’s Playground
o Plant new Annuals
o Remove volunteer Scrub Trees/Shrubs
o Clean-up Parking Lot Area
o Snake, Scope Septic Line for roots, Clean Tank (septic contractors)
o Spray Parking Area for Weeds

Inside Cleaning:
N.B. Supplies, Tools Needed: Bathroom cleansers, rags, sponges, Liquid Gold, Glass Cleaner, 409, wall cleaning sponges, wall erasers, Simple Green, Soft Scrub, rubber gloves, buckets, large garbage bags, brooms, dust pans, handheld vacs, extra vaccums, shelf lining for kitchen, ladders, tool kits.
o Bathrooms (major cleaning, polishing)
o Dust/De-Bug Sanctuary Light Fixtures
o Church Pews (scrub, Liquid Gold, vacuum pads) & Organize Info
o Wipe Down Walls
o Wall Hangings (wipe down, straighten)
o Sanitize Switches, Switch Plates and Door Handles
o Wash all Windows, Storms & Blinds/Curtains
o Sanitize and organize Nursery Rooms
o Clean, organize Choir Room
o Clean, organize Choir Loft
o Clean, organize Library
o Clean, Re-organize Hallway outside Kitchen (remove clutter, tables)
o Mop and Clean Basement Floor
o Clean (repair where needed) Fellowship Hall Chairs, Tables, High Chairs
o Organize/Clean out Copy Room (Rev. J-L & ?)

General Maintenance:
N.B. Need batteries, bulbs, oil, grease
o Service AC units for spring/summer
o Change furnace filters, lube fan bearings
o Reset and Program Thermostats (check batteries) for summer months
o Oil door hinges
o Check Pew Braces/ Supports for looseness
o Replace Bug Zapper Roll (1-800-Dead Bug)
o Service Automatic Door Openers (batteries)
o Check Smoke Alarms (batteries)
o Clocks in sanctuary, library, copier room, basement (batteries)
o Exit Lights (bulbs, batteries)
o Remove Insulation/Clean Kitchen Exhaust Fan
o Pastor Study (clock, modem batteries)
o Carpeting (check for wear, snags, bubbles, etc.)
o All Outside Lights (replace burned bulbs, clean fixtures)
Fire Extinguishers – Re-Tag Yearly