Angels Among Us Weekly Devotional

WEEK 4 “This Will Be a Sign #morelove”
Opening Circle – Once people are seated together, light the candle, then read aloud the scripture and prayer for the day. Can be read by the leader or by a volunteer from the group.
     Luke 2: 1-20
Let us pray. God of love and light, you sent an angel with the wonderful news of a savior born in our world – and surprised us that this mighty savior came as a tiny infant. One might have stood by his crib wondering how this little baby would be enough to change the world. Open us to understand that God has made us all “enough.” Amen.
Introduction –
In today’s brief video, Brené talks with Oprah about our ego who tells us we have no inherent worth, and that we are living in a culture marked by fear of “never enough.”
Video – “The Two Most Dangerous Words in Your Vocabulary” (4 min)
Personal Reflection – 3 to 5 minutes of quiet
We will take a few minutes of quiet to reflect. You can journal your thoughts if you like. There is space on the next page. How have you filled in the blank? “Never _________________ enough.”
Discussion –
    1. What messages have you heard of “never enough”?
    2. When have you taken risks to fail, even when you felt you may not be enough?
    3. How does love change the “never enough” language?
    4. How can one person living with more love make a difference in the world?
Closing Prayer –
    Holy Living God, Blessed Jesus, Guiding Spirit, alight within us your flame of love this day. Grant us openness to hear    your  message. Grant us courage to be your messengers in the world, creating more love in the midst of fear. Amen.