Classes Learn Sharing and Caring
Two Sunday School Classes are learning about the Missions of Sharing and Caring with a local serviceman.
Pam Sheets’ Class of k-3rd graders studied Sharing in their Sunday school lesson.  They brought items to send in Care Packages to Pfc Austin Gilbert who is stationed in Afghanistan.  Austin is the father of Megan and Helen.
The young adults are discussing soldiers who put their life on hold and are learning to show their appreciation for these men by collecting things to put in a Care Package for Spc Gilbert.  Their teacher, Georgann Whitney learned first hand how much Care Packages are appreciated when her son was stationed in Iraq for a year.  She was pleased when her Sunday School class chose this mission.  The box is free from the post office and will cost about $18 to mail.  So far contents of their package includes a huge variety of items including a deck of cards, deodorant, some current magazines like Sports Illustrated, foot powder, assorted peanuts, trail mix and beef jerky from Virgil’s here in Sunbury.  In addition to the Care Package, the students have written messages to Gilbert
Others who wish to brighten Austin’s day may send cards or Care Packages to him.  Because soldiers are moved frequently it is wise to check with his family for his current address.
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