September 8 – May. . . .                   “The Bible in a Year” 10:15 on 2nd – 5th Sundays
Primary Class Children Pre-K through 3rd graders Leaders Molly Blevins and Darlene Ross Substitute Leaders are Teresa Gorsuch,
Ken Bartlett and Kaitlin White.  

Intermediate Class

4th through 6th graders Leaders Pam Sheets and Sue Milem.

Children will leave the Worship Service in the sanctuary following the Message to Young Christians and attend Sunday School  in the two different  classrooms.
On Communion Sundays the children will remain in the Worship Service with their parents so they may partake of communion.
Nursery During Worship Volunteers provide nursery care for preschoolers during Worship Service so parents may worship in peace.  If you are willing to assist with this program, please call Molly Blevins, 740-225-2640.
 will meet 4-5 second Sunday of the month
in the Fellowship Hall
for lesson, games, crafts, music and fellowship

September 8 – May . . . .                      Youth Class Grades 7 through 12 9:00 – 10:00 on Sundays

Leader  Rev. Annie Melick

Youths will follow the Teen Compass curriculum that deals with faith and wellness. The monthly topics to be covered are: Spirituality, Stress, Resilience, Relationships, Rest and Play, Handling Emotions, Organization, School and Work, and Care for the Body.
September 8 – October 6 . . .                    Adult  Book Study Class
 8:45 on Sundays  “Fear of the Other: No Fear in Love,” by William H. Willimon under the leadership of Pam Sheets and Sue Milem. 
September 11-November 20 . . . .
Living in Rhythm with Life
     Join Rev. Annie on Wednesday nights for an adult class from 6:30-7:30 to discover God’s answer to being stressed and overwhelmed.
      Many of us are so busy we don’t have much left to give. Unfortunately, in all of our busy-ness, we undermine the very relationships and work that we are trying to maintain! This rhythm of life is the complete opposite of the rhythm that God designed for our well-being. We need to learn how to live fruitful lives of balance.
The class offers support to members seeking better lives for themselves and/or their families  as well as good fellowship.


will kick off the season with a cookout and cornhole tournament at the Condit Church from 5 to 7 on Sunday, September 8th. Allson Skinner is leading the group.
Christian Education Committee

Sunday School and Bible school curriculum are under the leader-ship of the Christian Education Committee.

Christian Education Committee is chaired by Pam Sheets with Jeff Marshall as secretary and Responsible Elder.  

WIndow6 Enoch -W-Condit-a4



Window to honor 



Enoch Watson Condit 1830-1898
Enoch was the son of Joseph Smith and Asenath Condit.  He came New Jersey to Delaware County with his parents, brothers and sisters in 1835.  His father died a few weeks after moving here from New Jersey and one week after joining this church.
Enoch married Adeline Dawson in 1865.  They had no children when she died in 1868.
In 1876 Enoch married Mary E. Adams and had three children by her: Clara M.(1877-1954), Edgar M.P.(1878-1946) and Grace E.(1882-1970).  They lived on what is now known as Locust Lane where Enoch farmed.  He was elected an elder of the church in 1856.  Enoch died in 1898 and Mary in 1925.  All are buried in Trenton Cemetery.