Condit Presbyterian Facilities Usage Policy – approved by Session and Trustees December 14, 2017
Section 5 in The Green Book


Use of Church Facilities (other than for funerals, memorial services, and weddings)

(1) Requests for use of Church facilities by organizations or individuals shall be referred to Board of Trustees to respond and assign space in accordance with policies approved by Condit Session.

(2) Requests for use of church facilities by organizations or individuals within the Church shall be checked against Church Calendar (located in the copy room) for priority and availability of space.

(3) Since all buildings and equipment of the Church have been dedicated to worship and service of

Almighty God, Condit Session and Board of Trustees request all groups using Church facilities, whether for religious, educational, or social purposes, to keep in mind the purpose for which the facilities have been dedicated.

 (4) No meetings shall be planned by any group, which will conflict with; regular or special Church Events.

 (5) Special attention shall be given to meetings scheduled for the Sanctuary.  Only meetings and activities in keeping with a House of Worship shall be permitted.  Special instructions regarding use of the Sanctuary include:                                                                                                       

     (a) Care shall be used not to damage any woodwork or furnishings in the Sanctuary, including pulpit, lectern, organ, piano, communion 
           table, microphones, public address system, and baptismal font.
     (b) Smoking allowed in designated areas only.  Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or other tobacco use are not permitted in the Church
           building or on the building premises at any time.  (Adopted jointly by Trustee Board and Session 02-04-1993).
     (c) In accord with Gospel call to extend Good News of Gods; seeking and redeeming love in Jesus Christ, Condit Presbyterian Church
           endeavors to make available its facilities for ministries, programs, and activities on a case-by-case basis with priority granted to:
           (1)       Programs of Condit Presbyterian Church.                                                                                 
           (2)       Programs of Presbytery of Scioto Valley and other Presbyterian governing bodies.
           (3)       Programs sponsored or supported by Big Walnut Ministers Association.
           (4)       Benevolent, nonprofit organizations, which strive for welfare of this community and/or affirm inherent worth and wholeness
                       of any individual.
Meetings will be scheduled for organizations in categories (c) after approval from Session or Pastor.· Requests will be granted if compatible with Mission of Condit Church.  Use of facilities will be subject to necessary fees, as set from time to time by Board of Trustees.

Facilities Usage Application:  Condit Presbyterian Church

No reservation will be made until this completed application with required signatures has been filed in church office, and payment of applicable fees has been received, and date/time placed on master calendar at Condit Church.                                              ·       ·


Name of group                                                                                                                                        

Number expected:           Adults ____________      Youth (Age 12-18) __________   Children ___________       


Date(s) of event:                                                                                                                                                                                 

Time:      ——– —– Begin         ——– —– End

Rooms/Space needed:  (See map) —————————————————

Will food be served? —————————————————

Equipment needed (tables/chairs – tables seat 8):                                                                                                                                                                                 


**Group is responsible for its own set-up and clean up.  Any damage occurring needs to be reported to the Trustee signing below** Person receiving key (if needed):                                                                                                                                                                          

(Name)                               (Address)                                             (Phone)

Fee requested:  ________


I/we have read the facilities usage policy (on reverse side) of Condit Presbyterian Church and agree to the conditions therein.   I/we accept responsibility for fees requested, for condition of space and equipment used by our group, and for any damage to church facilities and/or furnishings.                                                                                                                                           ·


Person assuming responsibility for and supervision of group:

(Signature)                                                       (Address)                                                                           (Phone) Person assuming responsibility for any damage to church facilities and/o.r furnishings:


(Signature)                                                                          (Address).                                                                      (Phone)


(For official use only)



Facilities available.

                  Yes                           No



Trustee (or pastor) approval                             Yes             _                No




(Name)                                                                                                           (Phone Number)



———————————–Trustee ———————



(Name)                                                                                                           (Phone Number)


————————————Pastor                                                                                                                                       740-965-2911                                                                                                                     




Use of Fellowship Hall, Kitchen, and/or Food Service Equipment shall be arranged through Condit Trustees.


    $50.00 for members of Condit Presbyterian Church

    $100.00 for non-members

An additional $50.00 fee will be charged (to members and non-members alike) if a Condit Trustees or custodian is asked to perform clean-up duties for the event, including set-up or tear-down.


The following equipment (list not yet updated as of 14 Dec 2017) is available:

Silver Tea and Coffee Service

Cake Knife and Server

Punch Bowls and Ladles

Bunn Perk Coffee Makers

Stainless Knives, Forks, and Spoons

Hostess Plates and Cups

Chinaware, (plates, cups, and salad plates)

Glassware for nuts and mints

Glass Candleholders and Bud Vases

Serving Dishes


Skirt for Reception Table

12 – 8′ Tables

6 – 6′ Tables

140 Folding Chairs

Wooden Expanding Table

Smoking allowed in designated areas only.  No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or other tobacco products permitted in the church building or on the church premises. 

Checks are to be made payable to Condit Presbyterian Church.

Trustees will periodically (without definition) inspect the kitchen and fellowship hall.  Any unidentified and/or unapproved items will be removed.