God Is Listening.  Please Add Your Prayer
To Join the Prayer Chain
To signup to get emails of those needing our prayers, open you email and send a blank email to PrayerChain-subscribe@ConditChurch.org. The email will put you on the  Prayer Chain.
To Send a Request for Prayers
In your email address book enter PrayerChain@ConditChurch.org.  If you have a relative, friend or just someone you know for whom you would like to have prayers said on their behalf for health and /or personal reasons,  send an email to PrayerChain@ConditChurch.org with the information for our members to remember that person in prayer.  The Prayer Chain will be activated and an email will be sent to all those who have joined the list.
To remove your name from the Prayer Chain send an email from your computer to
If you have a problem. contact Condit-webmaster@ConditChurch.org