Check out the New Group Condit Church Youth Fellowship
Sunday, October 25
Trip to Lynd’s Pumpkin Patch in Pataskla

Condit survivors pictured with the Macchi Pichu organizer /hostess



Members of Condit Youth Fellowship and their guests went to Lynd Fruit Farm Pumpkin Patch Patch on October 25th. A big hit of the afternoon was to solve the Macchu Pichu SURVIVOR Maze (an 8 acre corn maze) with .


Condit’s Survivors included: Alex Sheets, Chantal Carey, Sarah Shick, Ali Markley, Abbie and Faith Myers, Sofia Serrano-Kirk, Grant and Ken Bartlett, and John Whitney. Jane Markley served as chaperon and driver, but said she’d “done the maze thing before.”       Thanks, Alex Sheets, for the photo!
Youth Fellowship Making Icicles for 
              Everest Vacation Bible School
Youth Makinf Icicles
See Photos. . . .
Condit exceeded $600 Goal
Raised $720
for World Vision
to feed the hungry!
30 Hour Famine
7 a.m. April 10 to 1 p.m. April 11, 2015
Souper Bowl Sunday
was a SOUPER Success
February 1st, 2015

   Collected Money and Food for

Big Walnut Friends Who Share
Cart of Groceries

 Thanks, Condit!

Come Enjoy Our Fellowship.