Condit Cares. . . .
            Coffee Tasting-Chocolate Bar Sale
                                                                        by Jenny Kavage
Beginning March 8 and through the month of April chocolate lovers and chocolate givers will be able to purchase six gourmet chocolate bars for $20. There will be several kinds available including the new Dark Chocolate with Coconut bar.
March 8 Daylight Savings Time begins and the Adult Class is celebrating with a Fair Trade coffee tasting at Fellowship Hour after worship AND the kickoff of our spring chocolate bar and tea sales. With Easter only a month away, the timing couldn’t be better.
Tea also will be on sale at the reduced price of 3 boxes for $10. For you who have requested the Organic Peppermint Tea, it’s back! along with Organic Mint Green Tea which is new for us.


Our supplier Equal Exchange is celebrating by providing three favorite coffees for tasting – Mind, Body and Soul, French Roast and Colombian. We will brew them all on March 8 so you can sample, compare and PLEASE let us know what you think of each.

Because the person who places the orders had a birthday we got 10 percent off our most recent order. This enables us to offer Love Buzz, one of Equal Exchange’s most popular coffees, at a dollar off the regular price. Enjoy. It’s a little late for Valentine’s Day but it’s never too late for a cup of Love Buzz.
Our Fair Trade project is the Adult Class mission project in more ways than one. Profits go to our Helping Hands Fund that is available to aid people in our church and area residents. The Presbyterian Hunger Project benefits from our purchases and small farmers in a number of underdeveloped countries have a market for their products.


Equal Exchange reports “Last year, our chocolate products used over one million pounds of organic, fairly traded cocoa beans and 500,000 pounds of organic, fairly traded sugar from small-scale farmers. And Equal Exchange customers brewed, shared and enjoyed over 5.5 million pounds of coffee from small farmer co-ops. “

In addition there was the special project to provide cooking stoves to women in Uganda and right now 10 cents from every pound of coffee sold is being set aside to fight the coffee rust problem in Central America. Seminars were held on productivity, product quality and that pesky coffee rust problem as well as other challenges facing small farmer cooperatives. A USAID program that helps in the areas of quality, productivity and capitalization for cocoa growers has been extended. Some milestones include: building cocoa quality flavor labs and devising a cocoa tasting form, implementing a model farm program to improve productivity, and seeing the beginning of member equity programs so farmers can start to invest in their cooperatives.
“That is a remarkable, incredible positive impact in the world of authentic Fair Trade,” Equal Exchange says. “Thank you.”