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Adult Sunday School Class  kicks off its third season of Fair Trade sales September 14 following the Sunday morning worship service. Two new blends—Organic African Roots, a light medium blend, and Organic Midnight Sun, intensely rich and dark—will be available for tasting at the appreciation potluck for Pastor John. John’s support of this global awareness project since its inception has been very much appreciated.
There will be an emphasis on coffees this year as we join our supplier, Equal Exchange, in its Red Cherry Challenge to help coffee farmers in El Salvador and Guatemala combat effects of climate change and the coffee rust fungus that is ravaging coffee plants. Ten cents from every pound of EE coffee sold between now and the end of May 2015 will go to the fund. (Cherry red is the color of the coffee fruit when it’s ready for picking.)
Fair Trade Items for Sale

Fair Trade Items for Sale

Last spring Equal Exchange dedicated a dollar from every sale of its Proud Mama Coffee to put stoves in more than 150 Ugandan village homes—not GEs or Kenmores, mind you—but primitive dirt-and-banana leaf constructions with a stove pipe to carry smoke outside and two places for pots. To us this may seem almost ludicrous, but to villagers now able to cook more efficiently and gather in non-smoky rooms it is a major improvement to health and family life.
A small fund to combat coffee rust and simple stoves in a remote African village are good deeds and good news in a world where lately the news has been so horrific we hate to tune it in. Just as our Fair Trade sales help small farmers far away they also build Condit’s ability to assist church and community members where needed through its Helping Hands Fund.
To help even more, consider using our Fair Trade coffee in your work place and at your own gatherings and events this year. Contact Jennie Kavage, 740-524-8181, to learn about the availability of bulk coffees and other Fair Trade products.
EE is coming out with pod coffees in the fall. There will be 12 pods each in a box costing about $8.50. We will have them available if there is a demand. Do you have a pod coffee maker? Would you buy a box?
The Geobars which many of us liked have been discontinued. They will be replaced by new fruit and nut bars sold singly – available soon.
At our monthly Fellowship Hours and in the Honor Basket outside the pastor’s office we will also be selling decaf coffee, olive oil from Palestine, chocolate products, and several organic teas (personal note: the Irish Breakfast makes a delightful iced tea).
The extraordinary chocolate bars from chocolate grown in Central and Latin America and made into candy in Switzerland will be available when the weather cools in October. Let us know your favorites.