“Fill the Ark” and Provide a Family Clean Water

Marianne Westbrook, chair of the Condit Missions Committee, declared
                         We are waiting for the totals.  As of Sunday, August 28, $484 has been turned in.
“Fill the Ark” is a clever calendar from Heifer International, a non-profit organization which provides animals, bees and chickens to people not only for food but to also start a cottage industry which will bring income to them in the future.

Each Condit family unit is asked to make a giving jar to collect coins and decide on a time the whole family can get together each day to read the brief item on the calendar for the daily devotion.
Each day of the week on the calendar tells about a living thing and how it effects lives. It is followed by a question you answer based on your home. “How many jars of honey are in your kitchen?” Then you may put 25 cents per jar in your giving jar.
Bring the money to church each Sunday in an envelope marked Fill an Ark.

Goal for Condit Families is to provide clean water for a family.