Worship at Home This Week
by Rev. Annie Melick
Scripture:  (From Feasting on the Word, Year C, Volume 2)

Questions for Reflection

In Luke 17:5–10, the disciples ask Jesus to increase their faith. By asking this, they acknowledge that faith does not grow by our own works and hard efforts but is a gift from God’s grace. How has the gift of faith in your own life changed over time? Was there a particular time when your faith weakened? Can you recall a time when the strength of your faith helped you endure? God often uses special people in our lives to help us grow in faith and understanding. Who has helped you grow in faith?


Household Prayer: Morning

Silent sunrise sanctuary—

a dome of shelter

for the birth of day.

Birds and bugs begin—

an opposite of lullaby

proclaiming life anew.

We wake in wonder— discerning between dream and daylight a mystery ends, another begins. Sunshine scatters shadows— a heathery view melting gray morning mist. Never ceasing, never ending— God’s mercies

new each morning. Amen.

Household Prayer: Evening dusk to dark to full moon brightness blue night sky speckling of stars and planets white lights forever patterned read and known but you knew them first and through them allowed yourself to become known Thank You Praise You  and Goodnight. Amen.