Worship at Home
by Rev. Annie Melick

Question for Reflection

We serve a living God. This week, look each day for the presence of God
alive in the midst of God’s people and the creation God has made. Where is
God at work, bringing people together for good?

Household Prayer: Morning
Holy God, on this new day,
I give you thanks for all that lies before me and those I love.
Guide us and keep us on the path that you intend.
Help us to see the journey you set before us
when the way grows dim. Amen.


Household Prayer: Evening

Gracious giver of all good things,
for all that has transpired in your world today,
I pray for peace and quiet to come where it is most needed.
I thank you for the work I have had to do
and pray for those who have no work.
I ask your presence now for rest and renewal,
in safety and calm,
that tomorrow I may again see your face in those I meet,
in Jesus’ name. Amen