Worship at Home

Question for Reflection

To what is God calling me? How might others know that I walk in the
Spirit with Christ?

Household Prayer: Morning
Almighty God,
in awe I remember that you made me in your image
and breathed the Spirit of life into me.
I marvel that your Son, Jesus,
took on flesh and bone just like mine,
and gave himself for my salvation.
Help me to live this day
fully open to your presence.
Let me worship you alone
with my body, mind, and spirit,
delighting in what is good
and turning from what is not.
Let me love my neighbor as myself
with all that you give me.
Be patient with me,
and help me to be patient with others.
Teach me how to bring peace
to those who are troubled
and to show kindness,
especially to the weak.
Today, let me seek your kingdom,
through Jesus Christ, my Lord. Amen.


Household Prayer: Evening

O God, guardian of your people,
thank you for your care today.
As I move into evening,
help me to recall with thanksgiving
the wonders I have known,
the joy I have felt,
and your love I have received.
Forgive me
for the ways in which I misused
what you intend for good.
Jesus had nowhere to rest his head;
let me rest in him.