Worship Style
Our church service is  a traditional Presbyterian service with active  congregational participation.
Holy Bible, hymnals and and a helpful leaflet  to assist visitors are found in the holders on the back of the pews.
The Passing of the Peace – With “Peace be with you, And also with you”, it is more than just a greeting – it is a serious passing of peace for well-being amongst all participants be they friends and family, or people who have had conflicts among them in the past, or they find themselves currently on opposite sides of an issue.  All such antagonisms are temporarily set aside. 

The Charge and Benediction

– at the close of the service, each person holds another’s hand so that one long continuous line forms a bond connecting all participants together briefly before the service is dismissed.


Supervised Nursery — Volunteers provide nursery care for preschoolers during Worship Service so parents may worship in peace.  If you are willing to assist with this program, please call Molly Blevins, 740-225-2640.