Condit Vacation Bible School – June 2014
Here’s a photo of our 2014 VBS Participants – pretty good looking group, don’t you think?
 Boys and girls spent the week of June 9-13 learning how God turns the ordinary into extraordinary at Condit’s Vacation Bible School.  The fruits of this experience were shared with the congregation  during the regularly scheduled Sunday worship on June 15.
The Christian Education Committee chose the program Workshop of Wonders by Cokesbury and Pam Sheets agreed to lead the group.  Twenty-seven volunteers worked with the children and behind the scenes to make this program meaningful for the children and the adults.
Each day 22 children went through different stations:  Bible Time, Science Time, Craft Time, Recreation Time, Music Time and Snack Time applying the theme to each station.  All learned to sign five Bible verses.
Heifer International was selected as the Mission for VBS.  Condit collected enough money for the mission to buy a goat to be sent to a family in poverty.  They named the goat “Chuck Norris.”
After the week, the children taught the congregation to sign, “You are the God who works wonders,” (Psalm 77:14a).
This was Pam’s first year to lead the Bible School but she is not a novice to the program.  Once upon a time she attended VBS at Condit.  Thirty years ago she helped Velda Wise teach the younger children.  Two years ago she taught the Application of the Bible sessions during VBS.
Others helping with the event were John Zuercher who led Bible Time and the Mission Time.  Pam Sheets taught signing the Bible verses.  Bonnie Caudill and Jayne Strauss did Music Time with helper Peg Sheets.  Doris Wampler assembled the craft materials so Teresa Gorsuch and Donna Mucci could lead Craft Time with the assistance of helper Sheila Michols.  Rachel Edwards led Science Time with the help of Rachel Buxton and Teresa Murphy.  George Justice led Recreation Time with the aid of helpers Grant Bartlett, Abbie Myers and sub Kathy Kees.  Snacks were prepared by Kathy Reppart and Heather Altizer with Pat Monroe helping.
Trisha Gilbert, Kathy Fuller and Sheila Miller helped with the 3-5 year olds.  Sarah Shick helped with the 6-8 year olds.  Caitlyn Curtin and Pat Monroe helped with the 9-11 year olds.
No program runs smoothly without the behind the scenes crew.  Georgann Whitney took care of advertising.  Frances Jenkins did registration and newsletter publicity.  Decorations were done by Ali Markley, Abbie Myers, Grant Bartlett, Sarah Shick and Sarah’s cousin, Jade.  Gene Wampler George Justice, Marv Monroe and Mick Sheets took care of VBS signs.  Doris Wampler assembled individual  posters for each child and Pam Sheets took care of the bulletin board.
“This experience proved to me Condit is passionate about our mission to reach out to the youth in our community,” noted Pam.
Thanks to Pam Sheets and Frances Jenkins for this information.