6 Blood Drives Scheduled for Condit in 2019

Rev. Annie Melick and Canteen Coordinator Jane Lahmon watch Deanna Osborne give the pint of  blood which let  Condit save 1,000 lives by October 2017. 

Condit Blood Drive has saved over 1000 lives since it began in December 2014 as part of the New Beginnings Program for Condit Presbyterian Church.

During the October 13, 2017th blood drive, American Red Cross collected the 334th pint of blood which means Condit has helped save over 1,000 lives with its donations to date. Deanna Osborne was the 15th donor of the day and won the prize for her donation. Deanna used to give blood at her workplace but now she is working from home and donates at Condit. When the October blood drive ended at 6 p.m. on the 13th, a possible 1014 lives will be saved from Condit donors.
“Blood Drives are one way a small church can help save people’s lives,” commented Rev. Annie Melick, pastor of Condit Presbyterian Church. Condit hosts 6 blood drives a year in the Fellowship Hall as one of their missions.
Unfortunately only 8% of the eligible donors give blood.  This means the Red Cross is getting less blood than is needed. 
People return to give blood at Condit because we treat our donors as guests in our home and look forward to seeing them in 2 months. 
Condit has Scheduled
6 Blood Drives for 2019
 February 15,  April 19
June 14,  August 16
October 18
December 13
Total Collected at Condit Drives
2014 One Drive = 23 pints,  69 lives 
2015 Four Drives = 87 pints, 261 lives
2016 Six Drives = 127 pints,  381 lives
2017 Six Drives – 121 Pints, 363 Lives
2018 Six Drives = 133  pints, 399 Lives
2019 Four Drives =Four 82 pints, 246 Lives
To Date 27 Drives = 573 pints, or              1719 lives saved!    
Now scheduling for October Drive!         GiveBlood@ConditChurch.org
Next Blood Drive Scheduled for
1-6 p.m.   Friday, October 18
Walk-Ins Are Welcome
Need 23 Donors To Net
20 Pints of Blood
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First Time Blood Donors

Laura Mucci first time donor on February 16, 2018 with mother Donna who has been a regular donor and volunteer since the first Blood Drive in 2014.

Gail Russell donated blood for the first time on February 16th, 2018.
You Can’t Give Blood, Want to Help

Condit serves light sandwiches, snacks. cookies and beverages to donors in the canteen.  Jane Lahmon is in charge of the canteen.  Karen Kerns post signs around the community or while other volunteers serve as greeters and help people sign in and feel welcome. Polly Horn co-ordinates the drives with the American Red Cross and helps people be comfortable with donating blood. Contact us by email at          GiveBlood@ConditChurch.org


FIrst-Time Donor Grant Bartlett
at First Condit Blood Drive
December 2014

First Time Blood Donor, Ali Markley, at the Condit Blood Drive on February          


12, 2015

First Time Donor Jim Lahmon April 14, 2017
First Time Donor Scott Streng October 19, 2018