Condit’s Permanent Committees
Committees serve until February 1, 2021
Christian Education:  Elder Sue Milem

       Sunday School, Bible Study, Book Study Groups, VBS,  Youth Group, Nursery,  Christmas Program and other educational        opportunities such as Condit Kids,  Youth Group, and Young Adult Group.
        Teachers: Pam Sheets, Darlene Ross, Molly Blevins, Teresa Gorsuch and Sue Milem.  Youth Leaders:  Allison Skinner, Grant Bartlett, and Rev. Annie.
Communications: Elder Polly Horn
Newsletter, press releases, directory, advertising and notices to congregation, Polly Horn. 
        Website:   Bob Westbrook.   Directory Editors:   Donna Mucci and Laura Mucci. Phone Prayer Chain: Jane Cockrell.
       Email Prayer Chain:  Polly Horn.

Congregational Care:  Elder Sheila Micholes
       Activities that enrich the life and fellowship of the congregation, offer spiritual  support, visits to shut-ins and hospitals,
       provide crisis response by organizing carry-in meals, and back up funeral meals.    Committee members are Shepherds.
Mission and Outreach: Elders Sheila Micholes and Jeff Marshall 
    Committee: Doreen Bartlett (Food & Fun), Grant Bartlett (Euchre), Kathy Kees (BWFWS), Polly Horn (Blood Drives)

Nominating Committee: Elders Doug Kerns and Ken Bartlett    
      2020 Nominating Committee consists of Elders  Doug Kerns and Ken Bartlett, Trustee Molly Blevin and
      Congregation-at-Large Teresa Gorsuch, Pam Sheets and Marianne Westbrook.


Personnel: Elder Porter Welch
        Does performance reviews and sets Pastor’s compensation.  Administers Brenner Scholarship Fund.

Special Events:  Jeff Marshall
        Once a year events which make Condit special:  Auto Show & Ice Cream Social, Bonfire & Hotdog Roast,
        Help with secular part of Condit Christmas (Santa, gifts),  Outdoor Movie, etc. 

Stewardship and Budget: Elders Doug Kerns and Porter Welch
reasurer Ken Bartlett,   Financial Secretary Darlene Ross, Assistant Financial Secretary, Jane Lahmon.           

      2021 Full Financial Review Committee: Elder Doug Kerns, Trustee Allison Skinner,  Congregation-at-Large Pam Sheets,                        Treasurer Ken Bartlett, Financial Secretary, Darlene Ross.

Worship and Music, Elders Darlene Ross and Ken Bartlett
    Maintenance of divine worship. Communion stewards, Sunday morning and seasonal worship services, bulletin,
   chancel  appointments, liturgists, musicians and music program.   
      Committee:  Adam Garner, Kay Skeen,
Sheila Micholes, Teresa Gorsuch.         
        Acolytes: Bill and Teresa Gorsuch                                               Bulletin Editor: Kay Skeen
        Choir Director: Adam Garner                                                        Church Sign: Kathy Kees
        Communion Bread Baker: Donna Mucci                                      Communion Servers: Kathy Kees
        Communion Steward: Teresa Gorsuch                                         Head Usher: Sheila Micholes
        Music Director:  Adam Garner                                                      Nursery Care: Donna Mucci, Teresa Gorsuc
        Sanctuary Flowers: Sheila Micholes
Help strengthen the Condit Church by serving on a committee
If you are interested in helping with a committee, contact the Responsible Elder