Habitat for Humanity International working to eliminate poverty housing.  They have built over 200,000 houses in which more than one million people live with no-profit, zero interest mortgages.


Ultimate Goal: eliminate poverty housing and homelessness by building adequate and basic housing.
Family Support Principles
1.  Empower NOT foster dependence
2.  Hand-up NOT hand-out
3.  Partnership NOT paternalism
4.  Focus on strengths NOT needs and  
5.  Problem solving NOT giving advice
6.  Demonstrate and model NOT preach
7.  Breaking cycle of poverty NOT
     continuing it
Sunday, August 23, 2015
at Condit Presbyterian Church
Each church is asked to purchase a building stud to have available after church service so attendees can make a donation and sign the stud which will be used in the walls of the Apostle Build IV home in Delaware county.
What is Apostles Build?
The word disciple comes from the Latin word for pupil or learner.  Jesus chose 12 disciples as his closest associates.  They traveled with Jesus and learned from him.
 In Matthew 10, Jesus sends out the 12 on a mission.  The passage goes on to list their names and calls then apostles.  An apostle is someone who is sent on a mission.
In Habitat for Humanity Apostles Build project 12 apostle churches or coalition of churches are charged with assisting Habitat’s mission to provide decent shelter in partnership with families in need.  


Apostles Build IV Funding:
Goal is $80,000
$41, 657.00   Committed by Apostle Build IV Churches
♥   Asbury United Methodist Church
♥   Condit Presbyterian Church
♥   Delaware Unitarian Universalist Church
♥   First Presbyterian Church, Delaware
♥   Harlem Road United Methodist Church
♥   Liberty Presbyterian Church
♥   Old Stone Presbyterian Church
♥   Ostrander Presbyterian Church
♥   Powell United Methodist Church
♥   Westerville Christian Church
♥   Westerville Habitat Partnership Churches
~  Central College Presbyterian Church
~  Church of Master United Methodist Church
~  Church of Messiah United Methodist Church
~  First Presbyterian Church, Westerville
~  Grace Evangelical Church
                          ♥    Zion United Church of Christ

$21, 540.00   Mortgage Payments from Homeowner of Apostle Build I, II, III

$63,197.00    Total – As of June 11, 2015
$16,803.00 Still Needed  for Apostle Build IV.