2016 Condit’s Man of Faith
By John Whitney
The Oakland A’s won the World Series, the Miami Dolphins were Super Bowl champions and the New York Nicks were NBA Champs. The love affair the American public had for Kentucky Derby winner Secretariat began, and a medical breakthrough of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI machine) coupled with the war of Yom Kippur ending would all go in the history books in 1973.

Another event would occur on Nov. 24 with only 68 days remaining that year that would change the course of history. A nice young couple, Pete and Nancy Welch, wondered into Timken Mercy Hospital in Canton, Ohio, where they would emerge days later with an amazing baby boy, Porter Welch. Several years later, they added a sister, Tiffany, to balance out their family.

Gentlemen, present Porter “Chip” Welch

Some of you may not remember this day in history; however it would change the course of several people’s lives. That young couple would raise that baby boy we know as Chip to be a thoughtful and strong-willed man, according to Molly, “a man with incredible drive to achieve goals that he set for himself in education and his career; even if he hadn’t decided exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up.”

He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with his undergraduate degree and off he went to The Ohio State University where he earned a Law degree. Current Delaware County Probate and Juvenile Judge David Hemanovsky was a good friend and confidant in his law school class.

Eventually he realized that he was supposed to be serving the public as a fireman, and very quickly rose to the rank of fire Lieutenant. In typical fashion he strived to be the best he could be. Chip married his wonderful wife, Molly Blevins. He then became a Fire Chief the same exact day, Sept. 7, 2005, that God blessed him with an amazing daughter, named Abigail. Eight years later, God graced Chip, Molly and Abby, with a very spirited second daughter, Addison .

In the same fashion as he has lived his entire life, being the Fire Chief of Scioto Twp., Pickaway County, was not the end of his aspirations. He has also been the president of the Central Ohio Fire Chiefs, sat on the board of The Central Ohio Fire District, and earned numerous accolades along the way. He is currently working his way through the leadership of the Great Lakes Division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, for which he is currently serves as Vice-President.

The Chip joined the church in 2010. He served on the Board of Trustees at Condit 2012-2014, and he’s become the ‘de facto’ legal adviser for all matters at Condit since John Connelly moved on four years ago.

Not known to back away from our semi-annual work details, Chip and his whole family worked right along with the rest a couple years ago when we tore out the old to rehab the manse after our renting fiasco. But one thing I, and many others, remember is the trademark “black paint spot” he left on the back sidewalk ramp while he was painting the handrails a couple years ago!

Chip and his family recently moved to a home on Hughes Rd. in Harlem twp. and continue to be an active part of our Condit family. Most recently, he helped Molly re-furbish the kids Sunday School room and nursery, making them more attractive to young families like their own.

This Father’s Day we recognize and honor a truly great father, guy, fellow worshipper, and Man of Condit: Chip Welch.
Chip was presented a cap, a lapel pin and a certificate.

Condit’s Men of Faith in church for the presentation are Marvin Monrow, Doug Kerns, George Justice, Chip Welch, John Whitney, Homer WIlson and Gene Wampler