Daily Devotions

Worship at Home

Question for Reflection

What is your deepest desire? Jesus says that “whatever you wish . . . it will be done for you” (John 15:7). Spend time in the next days asking yourself at evermore profound levels what you most devoutly wish for in this life and the next. Then ask for it.

Household Prayer: Morning

God of all beginnings, you bring a new day,

and you promise to journey with me through the hours.

I thank you for the breath and strength I have,

and I beg your help that I may use my powers wisely

and with compassion toward everyone I meet.

Let my questions today be a form of pruning

to bring forth in me new understandings,

healing, and good fruit; in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Household Prayer: Evening

Sweet Jesus, in this night of rest,

heal my broken places and restore my faith.

You are my vine; only in you am I strong enough

to face the darkness of this world.

I thank you for the safety of my home

and pray for those who have no bed tonight.

Make me grateful,

in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

one God, Mother of us all. Amen.

Widows2 CoraPiersonMiller
                        In Memory of
      Cora Pierson Miller
Cora was born in 1870 to Simon H. and Abigail (Jacobus) Pierson in Hartford Township, Licking County.  She was the youngest of six children.  The family moved to Trenton Township shortly after her birth.  Cora married John B. Miller.  She died in childbirth in 1899.  Cora and her baby Mary are buried in Sunbury Memorial Park.