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Jesus Our Great High Priest

  Book of Hebrews  
October 3- November 21
Hebrews is a sermon, but scholars aren’t sure who wrote it, whom the audience was, where the church was, or when it was written. What we do know is that the author/preacher was addressing a specific problem in a church; the congregation is exhausted and their faith is shaky. The preacher doesn’t start a new program or write a new mission statement; he preaches serious theology about the nature and meaning of Jesus Christ, our Great High Priest.
All Saints Sunday
November 7 (All Saints Sunday) Hebrews 9:24-28  The New Holy of Holies
November 14 Hebrews 10:11-14  A Single Offering for All Time                                                Pam Gillett preaching

November 21 John 18:33-37 A Kingdom Not From This World                                  Christ the King Sunday
                   The Inn – Advent 2021 –
                                                       November 28
The past two years have made obvious, and widened, economic disparity locally and globally. As we enter the Advent season, how can our churches become houses where the Holy will be born anew–offering respite, sustenance and care, opening the doors ever wider to those seeking shelter from the onslaught of life? No one church can do it all, but each can do something. As we study the biblical prophets that call us to care for our neighbors and “make room in the inn,” the lonely and frightened spaces within us are filled with the light of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.

November 28 Jeremiah 33: 14-16, Psalm 25: 4-5
                      Advent 1 (Hope): “Making Room”

Remember in your prayers: Joe Cox, Sue Overturf, Jim Irwin,
        Max and Peggy Sheets, 
Homer and Mary Jo Wilson.

Nursery is not available for younger children at this time. 


In Memory of

Charles Wheaton
                        1820 – 1881
Squire and Mercy (Jacobus) Wheaton were two of the charter members of the Presbyterian Church of Trenton.  One of their eleven children was Charles who was born March 3, 1820 in Monmouth County, New Jersey and came to Trenton Township when he was still a boy.  Charles was a farmer who married Mary Elizabeth Saunders on February 3, 1848. They had six children one of whom was Charles M. Wheaton who married Daisy Green and owned a hardware and car dealership on the south side of Sunbury square.
Mary Elizabeth has a window from the Missionary Society.