Welcome to Condit Presbyterian Church
We cordially invite you to join us for
Sunday morning Worship service at 10 a.m.


Chartered in 1836 by Trenton Township pioneers from New Jersey, the present church was built at the corner of Hartford Road and State Route 605 in 1879.  Classic Gothic architecture complete with flying buttresses and beautiful stained glass windows provide a warm place for meditation.


While many of our members have deep roots in the community and the church, we welcome all the new residents seeking a place to worship God.


A Church is more than Sunday Worship.  Use our site to learn about the many activities and events for people of all ages. 


And, if you are interested, please join us for Sunday morning services. We would enjoy having you for a visit at 15102 Hartford Road east of Sunbury, Ohio.


New Beginnings: For most of the past year the Condit Church has been working on a self-evaluation assessment to determine what is next for Condit.  Working with pastor, volunteer lay leaders and using the “New Beginnings Program” through the Presbyterian Church, Condit is ready to make plans for the future.  Study the Actions so you are ready for the next step.
10 a.m. Sunday
      Nursery is available during service
Sunday School  8:45.a.m.
Jr. & Sr. Bell Choirs
9 a.m. Sundays    Learn More
This Week in Condit:
Choir Practices
Adult Choir
8-9 on Tuesdays

Learn More 

Adult Bell Choir
7-8 on Tuesdays
All women are invited to attend
Presbyterian Women
11 a.m. Wednesday, September 17
in Church All Purpose Room
Next Week in Condit:
Bike Ride
1:30 Sunday, September 21


Potluck and Games
6:30 Wednesday, Sept. 24


Congregational Life Committee

 7:15 Thursday, Sept. 25
Coming Soon. . . .
   Condit Barbeque, Oct. 4 
   BWFWS Walk-a-Thon,  Oct.  12
Sign-Up Time to be a

Nursery Volunteer

for April thru December
Email or call 965-6902
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Condit Presbyterian Church, 15102 Hartford Road, Sunbury, Ohio 43074